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Enduring Spirituality: Exploring The The Ways That Discipline & Practice Generate Vital Spirituality That Lasts

Fri 2 PM | Convo Hall 5
Sat Noon | Convo Hall 5

Rev. Ben Collins

Belief is easy, but at some point we have to actually do what we want to do. If I asked you to do a 140 mile race tomorrow, you’d think I was crazy, even if I asked you try really hard and gave you gatorade and cliff bars. You know intuitively that endurance is a matter of training, not just of trying hard. As a 3 time Ironman Triathlete and coach, I’ve come to realize the value of training and the deception of “trying”. But when it comes to spirituality, we often live in our heads, believe things, then “try” to live our values and convictions. We have lost the ancient sacred value of practice and discipline… training. I’d like to spend some time and engage the crowd in conversation around the difference between the trying and training in life and formation, facilitating conversation around the trinity of endurance athletics and of spirituality: find a teacher (coach), find a practice( training plan), find a community (training group).

Ben Collins

Reverend Ben Collins is a spiritual entrepreneur, starting and innovating work in the United Methodist Church as well as consulting beyond denominational frameworks. Having founded multiple congregations, most recently Collective Church in Central FL, he continues reimagining the future of wholistic spiritual community. He has served as an adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at Stetson University, Hospice Chaplain, Campus Minister, and Triathlon Team Coach. Ben is passionate about religious pluralism, diversity and inclusion, and issues of social justice. His 3 year old son Huck and 6 year old daughter June are his life. When he isn’t working or enjoying his kids, Ben is a musician, ultra endurance athlete, coach, consultant, writer and speaker. Ben loves to laugh!

164 Enduring Spirituality

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