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Un-othering the Other: Co-Creating with the Poor

Sat 11 AM | Bridge

Jacqui Buschor

Challenges in poor communities can seem so vast and complex that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or like nothing we do is really making an impact. But what if one of the biggest barriers to justice for the poor is the baggage we “helpers” drag in and project on those experiencing poverty? Maybe we need to start by learning more about our own discomforts, wounds, and insecurities. Are there ways in which our own anxiety and misperceptions about economic status get in the way of us experiencing the unique gifts and wisdom of those who live on the margins? Join us for an interactive workshop in which we will explore methods of contemplative action so that we learn to honor all our neighbors, understanding that people living in poverty are not objects of our ministry, but are essential partners and co-creators in bringing God’s Kingdom vision into being.

Jacqui Buschor

Jacqui Buschor is a policy advocate, organizer, facilitator, and seminarian from Columbus, Ohio. Ten years ago, she first set foot in the Hilltop neighborhood she now calls home. Since then, she’s lived one adventure after another, living among, learning from, being shaped by, and loving the people who have become her neighbors. In recent years, her greatest passion has been teaching communities of faith to work toward healing and justice, serving each other while honoring the dignity, wisdom, and divine God-spark within us all.

146 Un-Othering the Other

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