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The Creative Life: a conversation about getting started, following through, and overcoming resistance

Fri 4 PM | Convo Hall 7
Sat 5 PM | Convo Hall 7

Emily M. Francis

How do we live a creative life every day? How can we understand our call as creators as a spiritual calling? Join in this conversation about dreams, creativity, the hard work it takes to get there, and the obstacles we encounter on the way. We will share and gather resources, talk about what has worked and what has not as we pursue our creative dreams. A great place for people just getting started on their creative journey as well as for those who have been on this path for some time. This is an opportunity to learn from one another, to re-ignite our calling, and to re-energize our work.

Emily Francis

Emily M. Francis is a writer and educator. She taught high school English for 15 years and currently teachers for the Writing and Rhetoric Department at Oakland University. She lives in Rochester Hills, Michigan with her husband Tuf Francis and their two children, Mabel and Finn. She also teaches Jazzercise so most of her days are filled with writing, dancing, and shuttling people around in her minivan. She has a passion for creativity and for helping others live brave and creative lives. A few years ago while doing laundry, she remembered she was a poet. She is currently working on her first collection of poems and occasionally rants at

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