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Creating a Community Commons at Home after Wild Goose

Sat 3 PM | Bridge

Brett W. Copeland

Between social media and politics that bind or blind, we increasingly live in segregated bubbles. People say they don’t trust media and rely on their peers’ opinions over expert evidence. How can you help steer your community toward justice in a politically or demographically monolithic region? Here’s a formula: faith + art & expression x radical hospitality = progress. By creating spaces in your community focused on storytelling and radical hospitality, we can build a revelatory and healing space for grace. The commons’ strong bonds also serve as a self-sustaining community of care. This session will help you think through how you spark a revolution in your own neighborhood. This interactive session will give you with concepts and tools to kick off your own community commons and build new relationships with your neighbors. Because when we love God and love each other, we can change the world.

Brett W. Copeland

121 Creating a Community Commons

Session #121

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