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Learning to Listen: An Exploration of How We Can Hear and Heed God’s Call

Fri 2 PM | Bridge

Kate Rademacher

How can we faithfully listen for God’s call? How do we respond when our sense of vocation contradicts – or is even diametrically opposed – to another person’s understanding of their calling? During this session, we will explore the topics of discernment and vocation. Author and facilitator Kate Rademacher works in international public health with a focus on increasing access to contraception in developing countries. Yet with birth control remaining a controversial topic in the religious landscape, understanding this work as a vocational calling raises challenging questions about how we can responsibly and accurately discern a sense of God’s call for us. Participants will be invited to share their own experiences with discernment, and we will discuss approaches to prayerfully listening for God’s voice in our own lives.

Kate Rademacher

Kate Rademacher grew up outside of Boston and now lives in Chapel Hill with her family. In her debut memoir, Following the Red Bird, Kate describes how she came to embrace a relationship with God after maintaining a pick-and-choose approach to spirituality for many years. Married to a devout Buddhist, Kate was sitting on a cushion at her husband’s meditation center one day when Jesus appeared unexpectedly in her consciousness and called her to follow him. She was baptized a year later to the day. Kate has over fifteen years of experience in non-profit management and group facilitation. Visit her at

103 Learning to Listen for God’s Call

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