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Taizé Prayer Around the Cross Join us for an hour of quiet contemplative sung prayer and silence – a quiet time and place to catch your breath and be re-connected to your God.

Sat 11 AM | Chapel

Taizé Baltimore

An hour of contemplative sung prayer and silence. A space to enter into silence with your God.Duffy Laws and Lisa O’Reilly are women of spirit and prayer, both living in Baltimore, MD. Duffy is a mother and grandmother, environmentalist and retired teacher who holds a Masters in Spiritual Ministry; Lisa is a teacher and has a Masters in Pastoral Ministry having worked for the Catholic Church for 15 years. Both know that silence and reconciliation are needed in our busy world and have found a space in the Community of Taizé, France, an ecumenical monastic community of brothers who welcome often 7000 young people in prayer. The community has developed a style of worship that brings all into a common space of peace and reflection. Using aspects from all the Christian rituals, including icons, scripture, chant and silence, Taizé Prayer around the Cross is a time for folks to rest in the still small voice of God.


Duffy Laws

Duffy Laws actively facilitates Taizé prayer and spiritual direction groups in the Baltimore area as well as leads groups to Taizé, France. She holds a teaching degree and a masters in Spiritual Ministry. A backyard farmer at heart, she cultivates human, plant and animal life with her husband and fellow beekeeper. She is an activist for her family and the environment, and drinks deeply from the joys of life.
101 Taizé Prayer Around the Cross

Lisa O’Reilly

Lisa O’Reilly came to Baltimore MD in 2001 after 10 years of teaching Religion and History in Irish schools. She holds a degree in catechetics and a masters in Pastoral Ministry. She has been a youth minister in 4 different Baltimore City Catholic churches. Her passion for Taizé came from visiting the Community for the first time at the age of 16. She likes playing her guitar, travel and drinking beer, often at the same time!

101 Taizé Prayer Around the Cross

Session #101

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