Katherine Wilson

katherine-wilson-wgf14Katherine Wilson is interested in reconciliation and community building at local and global levels. Serving as the executive-director of the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion in Milwaukee she leads facilitated dialogues on issues like interfaith and racial reconciliation, gender and sexuality, war, abortion, immigration, and poverty; and internationally training facilitators and consults in peace-making efforts in post-atrocity zones. She completed her Ph.D. studying genocide and survivor testimony for her forthcoming book, “The World Literature of Atrocity.” In her spare time, she sails, raises bees, chickens and miniature citrus trees, and travels internationally as a professional Latin dance instructor and performer.

Talk – The Dark Side of Community
What leads us to hate and fear those who are different than us? How can we build strong communities without alienating people at or beyond the borders of our group? What’s at the heart of the matter when we use polarizing “us/them” talk? Listen as Katherine Wilson shares about the ways traditional community-building often leads directly to mass violence. Based on her work in genocide prevention and reconciliation, she proposes a radical re-envisioning of the way we think about community – one that would allow us to draw those people into our circle who might otherwise most threaten our identity.