Kimberly Knight

kimberly-knight-wgf14Kimberly Knight is Minister of Digital Community with Extravagance UCC and a blogger at She holds a M.Div from Candler School of Theology and a head full of knowledge from decades of working in the multimedia industry. Merging her theological training and technology background led her to plant an online progressive Christian congregation. For over five years she led worship, bible study and community events for the digital natives of Second Life. She has served as the online organizer for The Beatitudes Society and as marketing and social media consultant for The Center for Progressive Renewal.

Thin Places: A Celtic Meditation
The term “thin places” emerged from ancient Celtic spiritually to describe places where the veil between this world & the eternal world is thin. A thin place is where one can walk in two worlds – the worlds are fused together, knitted loosely where the differences can be discerned, or tightly where the two worlds become one. At this gathering, through the practice of imaginative meditation in community, we will create a space where we may experience a thinning of the veil between the worlds that separate us one from another & from God.