Open Call for 2018 Co-Creators

By November 15, 20172018 Festival

It’s time again to let us know what YOU would like to do at Wild Goose!

The contributions of our “self-submits” each year are at the heart of what make the Goose a unique co-creation experience, surprising and unlike other “festivals.” This is a festival where people come together to make things,  wonder and ponder and discuss, cross boundaries, fire up imaginations, undo expectations.

This means that in your submissions, think about how you can design experiences that engage rather than lecture, raise questions rather than shut them down. How could you tailor your work to involve your audience, making space for participation? How can you go outside normal boundaries to increase the level of interactivity? Whatever your role – artist, musician, speaker – push beyond the expected in ways that will actively involve your audience. See yourself as an instigator not a “presenter” and invite others into an experience of co-creation.

Because this festival is about the intersection of Spirit, Art, Music and Justice, we ask all our co-creators to consider how they can create integrated experiences – so you might, for example, want to look at justice through the lens of spirit and/or music, or at spirituality through the lens of art and/or justice.  And in whatever you do, keep in mind the power of Story – it’s part of the Goose DNA: What are our shared narratives? How have they shaped us?

Stories bring us together, stories can change us – whether we’re telling them or hearing them. We believe stories can change the world. So we hope that you will let the power of story weave its way into any type of experience you bring to the Goose.

We’d like to also suggest that you keep these words in front of you as you craft your contribution: Lament. Welcome. Identity. Evolve. Revolution. Love. Freedom. Liberate. Resist. Believe. Converge.

What do these concepts say to you and how might you integrate any of them into your performance or presentation?

Entries will close on February 1, 2018.

Dream the Dream that will Co-Create the world.

Something so cool it’ll register on seismic meters

– or at least will be fun or challenging

or perhaps even a bit unsettling.


Here’s how the process works

There’s no fee for this initial phase of entries. Use a new entry form for each idea, and submit as many ideas as you like.

Our programming team will review the submissions and you’ll be notified of your status by March 15. If accepted, you’ll be asked to create your own personal login to our system and submit your personal bio, a photo, and a detailed description of your presentation suitable for publication in our program and on our website.

You’ll also be asked to submit a $40 payment to cover administration costs (this can be waived if it makes participation difficult for you – your ideas are more valuable to us than your money). All co-creators (that’s you) who are selected are entitled to one free festival pass including a campsite and plus one (please use the “plus one” for “actual plus ones” not a random free pass). This includes yourself and any band members or co-leaders for your session.

Questions? Click HERE to contact us.

Thank you for all your ideas.

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