Jars of Clay

Although the band has had its share of successes, including three GRAMMYs for Much Afraid (1997), If I Left the Zoo (1999) and The Eleventh Hour (2002), they began to ask themselves what comes next. For the answer, they decided to look inward and head inland. For Jars of Clay, the next level means once again harnessing the youthful ambition and uninhibited creativity of their beginnings as college students nearly 20 years ago, while simultaneously cultivating a maturity that comes with experience.  Not content to rest on their past accomplishments, Jars of Clay members are taking their next journey inland where ‘comfortable’ is not an option.  Inland is filled with embellishments of violin, horns and ambient melodies and rich lyrics that attest to two decades of creativity.  

A Talk by Dan Hasteline: The Admirer, the Advocate and the Antagonist. Thoughts on Art in a Time of Violence