Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is the ancient practice of a “soul friend” who accompanies others on their spiritual journey, helping them to notice, discern, and claim their own experience of God. It is likely that you will encounter the “Wild Goose” in a variety of ways during the next several days. The WGF Spiritual Direction Team is available throughout the weekend to companion folks for spiritual exploration, processing, conversation, companionship, and/or prayer during 45 minute individual sessions. Signups are at the Spiritual Direction tent where there are also self-led contemplative practices sponsored by the Charlotte Spirituality Center.

Team Leader: Linda Flynn-Serepca
Randy Bell, Lucinda Clark, Sarah DeShields, Anne Findlay-Chamberlain, Marshall Jenkins

The Spiritual Direction team will be available to all festival attendees throughout the weekend.
In addition to spiritual direction, the Charlotte Spirituality Center’s tent provides a space for rest, prayer, and creative expression via self-led contemplative activities throughout the festival.

Sidebar Stories: Storytelling for Social Change

Here, you’ll learn to organize and present life experiences in a simple and undeniable story. This interactive session teaches structure and biology of the Sidebar Story format. Using an effective story pathway allows you to tell your life story in a way that is memorable and capable of shifting dominant social narratives. Drop in the Sidebar Stories space near the Studio Tent anytime to meet the Sidebar Stories team and pick up materials to draw the change you want to see by making your own storyboard. Frame your storyboard, display it during the festival and take it home with you. Sidebar Stories can also post your story online for others who need to know things you’ve learned. Hand drawn storyboards are about authenticity, not artistic ability or performance storytelling. They can also be used to create a dynamic graphic record of your life together in community.

Stop by the Sidebar Stories space to find your muse in someone who listens and cares about what you have to say. It’s surprising what a good ear can do to reveal an untold story. Let’s talk about how your story can be used to make a real difference in the world.

Pub/Beer Tent

The Beer Tent at Wild Goose is a sacred space of its own within the festival. Here, you’ll find friendly faces eager to introduce you to a new craft brew, pour you a glass of wine, and (if they aren’t too busy) hear a bit of your story. Our beers are provided by a vendor in the Western NC area, so the Tent is another way the festival partners with the local community. The “Pub” is a great place to bump into your favorite speakers and workshop presenters, process life with a friend, or simply enjoy a moment gazing out at the beautiful natural setting. You’ll find us just beside the main stage, a perfect space to hear all the great afternoon and evening bands. We’re also setting up shop near the cafe, so you won’t have to make that painful decision between staying for the next session or grabbing a delicious beverage. And when it comes time for Beer n’ Hymns, we’ve got your hookup.

Come, all who are thirsty.


Beer & Hymns Jax is excited to present the  chapel. The chapel is a beautiful contemplative space with limited programing and is meant as more of an open drop-in space for prayer, reflection, and meditation. On the walls of the chapel you’re invited to write your praises, laments, hopes, and dreams.


The Cafe has always been a diverse venue. Everything from beautiful liturgies to fun acoustic sets, it’s really been a delightful space that so many of us have enjoyed. And this year, It’s a more than a performance space. We’re moving it to a more central location facing the main road, and creating a larger surrounding space where folks can gather and connect. And we’re adding a beer vendor right next door. So come, sit, enjoy a conversation or move in a little closer to enjoy some great music.

The Labyrinth: A Journey to Deep Connection

The Labyrinth has long been a symbol of wholeness, birth and rebirth. For some Native peoples, it symbolizes the womb; for others it illustrates the story of emergence, of life’s cycles and the choices which confront us on our life’s pilgrimage. This year’s labyrinth invites us to journey deeper as we seek connection: connection to ourselves, to each other, and to the Divine spark which dwells at the center of us all. Join us as we surrender to the path of the labyrinth and walk for wholeness, co-creation of beauty, and the hope of new life we carry in our hearts.

The Labyrinth is located by the river and open all day every day.

Food Vendors

Main Stage Area

  • Sugar Shack
    The Sugar Shack is a staple at Wild Goose with breakfast all day, hot and cold drinks, wholesome snacks and treats and the VeggieThing!
  • One Heart Cafe
    Burgers and more!
  • Wood Oven Eats
    100% wood fired oven to make delicious Napoletana style pizza and foods: Pizza by the slice, whole pies, morning menu,
    soft pretzels, daiquiris and pina colada, ice tea.
  • Super Snack Shop
    Serving affordable family oriented snacks including All Natural Fruit Pops/Frozen Yogurt and for the children at heart (big or small) Spiderman, Hello Kitty, and Shaved Ice! Also serving fresh Funnel Cakes with refreshing Organic Frozen or Fresh Squeezed Lemonade!

Cafe Area

  • Mojo Kitchen
    serves Caribbean inspired street food with a twist! Tacos, Nachos, plantains…all come with our signature toppings that are made with fresh ingredients using our unique blend of spices and citrus.
  • Kerala Curry
    offers authentic all natural flavor rich Indian meals, snacks, naan, soup, lassi, chai; gluten free, vegetarian & vegan options, served with Kerala Curry chutney.
  • Coastal Concessions
    Proudly serving real fresh squeezed lemonade made the right way with only lemons, sugar, and water. We also serve cool and refreshing genuine Via Veneto Italian Ice in a variety of flavors. All of our products are served in eco-friendly biodegradable/compostable containers.
  • Nibble and Sip
    A pop-up refreshment vendor specializing in lifestyle conscious options. Organic, vegan, plaeo, non-gmo, artificial-free priorities? We’ve got your snacks!

Merchandise Vendors

  • Glynne’s Soaps http://glynnesoaps.com/
  • Silvertree Art https://www.facebook.com/silvertreeart/
  • Wonder, Inspirations and Blessings Arts and Crafts
  • Mushpa + Mensa http://www.mushpaymensa.com/
    Mushpa + Mensa create good for the soul art with good for the earth materials.
    Step inside the magical mobile art machine for conversations, inspiring interactions and some hugs!
  • Nomadic Artifacts http://www.nomadicartifacts.com/home/
  • Backpacking for Betty http://backpacking4betty.org/
  • Express it Face and Body Face and Body Painting
  • The Change Project http://www.embodyprogress.org
  • Bloom Bangor http://bloombangor.org/
    Native Grace https://nativegracefairtrade.com/
  • Humble Bumble Beads https://www.facebook.com/Humble-Bumble-Beads-1181223901894504/
  • Sarah Sunshine Pottery http://sarahsunshinepottery.com/index.html
  • Spark the Fairy!!!!! http://sparkthefairy.com/
  • Regina Blackstar https://reginasblackstardesign.com/
    Regina’s Blackstar’s African-inspired gifts are made of authentic wax print cloths from Ghana. These luxurious hand-crafted bags, ties, and pillows are an easy way to bring vibrant color and style to your personal wardrobe and interior spaces. At RBS, we produce a limited quantity of our custom designs based upon fabric availability and current trends.
  • Wildkraft Goods. https://www.facebook.com/Wildcraft-Goods-1153867251318678/
  • DeSanka. http://www.desankaspirit.net/