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Wisdom Camp: Play, Power, and Perseverance

July 11, 20199:00 am5:50 pm
Afraid, sad, angry, exhausted…does this sound like you?

For those of us involved in the ‘good struggle’ for a more loving, equitable planet, political upheaval, ecological devastation, racial oppression, social disintegration, and spiritual despair seem to be clocking in at record speeds, often sapping our energy, momentum, and sense of well-being.

How can we continue working in our vital vocations — be we minister, artist, activist, teacher, parent — without losing our souls?

Is it possible to slow down and nourish ourselves and what truly sustains, even as we continue feeding others?

At Wisdom Camp, we think so…and on the morning of the Wild Goose Festival launch day, we intend to spend a day together exploring the play that gives us access to genuine power and perseverance!

Drawing on time-tested streams of contemplative wisdom — from the spirituality of Jesus, the compost of Christianity, interspiritual and trans-racial lineages of Buddhism and Quaker practice, and more — this year’s Wisdom Camp brings us water from deep wells.

Join us as we set the table for:
Divine communion
Genuine play
Seeing and being seen
Healing silence
Resting in our bodies
Telling better stories

Come to this one-day celebration of contemplative practice, resourcing you for the life you live the rest of the year!

Your Guides:

Mike Morrell
Rainier Wylde
Lerita Coleman Brown
David Bollt
Aline Defiglia
Cassidy Hall
Bushi Yamato Damashi

12:00 am Mike Morrell
12:00 am David Bollt
12:00 am Bushi Yamato Damashii
12:00 am Aline Defiglia
12:00 am Rainier Wylde
12:00 am Cassidy Hall
12:00 am Lerita Coleman Brown
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