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Voices from the Holler, Fire on the Prairie: A Rural Roundtable with NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

July 13, 20194:00 pm4:50 pm
Talking to grassroots leaders across the country, it is clear that rural communities are feeling ignored, misunderstood, and left behind in our nation’s politics and culture. When we look at statistics, this make sense: in rural America healthcare is failing, educational and economic opportunities are limited, and towns are literally going extinct. And yet we know that there is more to the story, a greater truth. NETWORK is spending 2019 listening to stories of people from diverse rural communities to learn about their lived realities and better inform our federal advocacy. If you live in a rural community, we invite you to participate in this Rural Roundtable and share your experiences of healthcare, jobs and wages, poverty, and also faith, church, and community. Your voice will help NETWORK bridge the divides and mend the gaps in income inequality in our nation.
12:00 am Meg Olson
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