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Tech That Looks Like The Kindom of God

July 13, 201911:00 am11:50 am
Every church, social justice organization, and not-for-profit needs a way to share its knowledge. While we are getting better at putting our knowledge on the internet, most systems available are shaped not by community patterns and needs, but by the profit potential of big data sales, micro-targeted advertising, paid premium placements, and tiers of access. What would it look like, instead, for our education technology to match our visions for a better world? If you are a blogger, podcaster, online-sermon-publisher, religious educator, or activist, the ethics of HOW you communicate is just as important as WHAT you communicate. In this session, we will be asking the important questions: Where are community creators and teachers located and how can they be supported and served? What sources do you trust and how can that trust be spread equitably? In a world where 80 percent of humanity earns less than ten dollars a day, how should community knowledge be paid for, organized and stacked for maximum access for all?

These are questions that presenters Rachel McGuire and Katie Jo Suddaby have been wrestling with at The Community Learning Lab. We are excited to offer our discoveries and to generate a vibrant conversation about designing the best community learning tools for people who are transforming the world.

12:00 am Katie Jo Suddaby and Rachel McGuire
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