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Subversive, Anticapitalist, and Community Building: Hows and Whys of Growing Your Own Food Even in Small Spaces

July 12, 20195:00 pm5:50 pm
This session will consist of a brief introduction to the “why’s” of growing your own food, followed by practical suggestions about how, especially in small suburban and urban spaces. Lots of photos and ideas, presented in visual and hands-on format, will inspire those who wish to get started on the path to healthier, more sustainable, and deeply connecting life changes in how we relate to the earth, to our community, to food, and to our bodies. Growing food is literally a down-to-earth way to democratize food production, fight industrial agriculture, pursue a more sustainable lifestyle, build community, and engage in contemplation. But how can a beginner get started, when the ancient skill of growing food is a praxis handed down from person to person? Alex began gardening as a toddler helping in her family’s kitchen garden. But when she moved to the city, she had to learn how to utilize small spaces for growing food: microgreens in the kitchen, vertical techniques for patio and terrace, straw bales for places where there was no dirt, square foot gardening, straw bale gardening, cold frames and greenhouses. Alex offers to get people started with practical ideas and suggestions that can be used in any space and in any climate.
12:00 am Alexandria Skinner
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