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Staying Grounded in Sabotage

July 12, 20193:00 pm3:50 pm
Justice work.
Revitalizing and/or planting churches.
Community Engagement.
Dealing with our own families.
Each of these settings often involves deep changes that inevitably trigger resistance, even sabotage. Systems theory offers an approach to anticipate, understand, and counteract the anxiety stirred by change, so that new practices can be adopted and fully integrated into a healthy, life-giving whole. Best of all, this systems approach helps leaders not just survive sabotage, but thrive in the challenging, fertile work of deep change.
This workshop will apply the basics of family system theory to the complexities of adaptive change, providing specific leadership practices and skills. This systems approach doesn’t require fancy tools; instead, it untangles stuck situations and offers directions forward that are consistent, engaging, and cost effective.
Complementary personal coaching at another time can be arranged after the workshop.
12:00 am Barb Lemmel and Betsy Waters -Get Real Gals
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