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Practicing Lament

July 12, 20192:00 pm2:50 pm
Seasons like this one, with the ongoing debate about asylum seekers and caravans and walls and what exactly constitutes a national emergency, are precisely why I am suggesting this session. It is vital that those of us who are working toward justice and mercy and kindness in a chaotic and polarized culture, have practical ways we release the grief and anger at all that’s broken and harmful around us.

The old testament is full of embodied practices of lament and we are in desperate need of renewing those practices for our time. Anguish is a natural and reasonable response to toddlers in cages and a legally obtained weapon cooly used to end the lives of five people on a weekday afternoon.

I’ll talk about the Biblical history of lament along with spiritual and psychological reasons it’s important and then suggest some accessible practices for people to engage either as a private spiritual practices or in community.

12:00 am Terra McDaniel
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