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Parenting from the Edges

July 12, 201910:00 am10:50 am
Parenting and long-term relationships are hard at the best of times, but when life throws us curve balls, what then? Heather Morgan has spent 20 years (this weekend!) doing family life and faith from the edges – trauma, autism, disability, infant loss, two LGBTQ kids and a mixed orientation marriage along with a faith deconstruction/reconstruction journey that has taken her from purity culture to progressive Christianity. So often it can feel like we face these high stakes challenges with no road map or clear idea of which way we should go forward, but the solution always seems to be found in digging deeper into connection and community. This interactive workshop will combine storytelling with coaching and practical ideas to help you navigate whatever ‘edges’ you are parenting from.
12:00 am Heather Morgan
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