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Normal is Overrated: Finding Jesus in the Weirdness of Humanity

July 13, 20195:00 pm5:50 pm
Ray Waters begins with the assumption that weirdness is not a bad thing but is beautiful, engaging, and even holy. That perspective has shaped his ministry for the last 30 years.

Ray teaches as faith matures, people become more empathetic and open-minded. Then they start embracing diversity wherever they find it. They realize labeling people is not helpful. And, they begin to understand that ‘normal’ is seriously overrated. And what does NORMAL even mean?

Ray is known as the pastor for people who have no pastor. That description has shaped his life and ministry. Hear Ray’s perspective as he shares his experiences as a progressive pastor in Atlanta. Hear him talk about his journey towards embracing everyone – even the people some might say are a little weird.

12:00 am Ray Waters
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