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Listening From the Heart- Mindful Listening

July 13, 20193:00 pm3:50 pm
We generally listen with the purpose of gathering information to provide answers, solutions, and opposition. We listen with the outcome in mind. This type of listening is not good or bad. It simply frames your listening to support the outcome that you want to create. This is listening from the head.
Listening from the heart, however, has a different intention and purpose. Listening from the heart is the mindful practice of being in the present moment without judgement of what is being spoken. The intent is to simply listen and ask questions without being attached to any desired outcome. Listening from the heart is about active compassion for yourself and the person or people speaking in the moment. This brings an awareness that honors the sensations and emotions we are experiencing while honoring the experiences and emotions of the person or people speaking.
Listening from the heart creates the space for compassion and understanding.
12:00 am Darryl Parker
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