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Immersions in the Holy Wild: movement practices to connect with sacred water.

July 13, 20192:00 pm2:50 pm
Take a river break and be lured to wakefulness! Starting at The River tent, we will migrate to the water and remember our baptisms, in all the many forms they have taken. With our bodies as our guides, we will build receptivity to the sacred gift of water and the holy presence of the wild within and around us! Sometimes playful, sometimes meditative, through individual explorations and group practices, we will build up skills to pray with our bodies, follow our curiosity, honor sacred space, and express our most honest joys and sorrows, allowing them to be released into the French Broad. This is for all folks ready to enter brave space and it does not require any previous experience with dance or a movement practice.
12:00 am Tevyn East / Holy Fool Arts
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