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Casting Call for Song of Solomon Table-Read

July 13, 20191:00 pm1:50 pm
The Old Testament book Song of Solomon isn’t what you think. It is not a love story between a king and one of his many wives. It is a story of resistance! The story of a sex slave who has been kidnapped by the king’s men and whose lover, a shepherd, has come to rescue her.This was the most popular translation and interpretation of the Song of Solomon until slavery became popular in the United States. It is a story that helps us understand how love can dismantle injustice. Its hilarious, sexy, and thought provoking!

This 6000 year-old play was performed on village greens across ancient Israel to encourage resistance of the unpopular King Solomon, who was ripping the country apart. It is a story very relevant to our world today! So let’s rehearse this play together using the translation, which is laid out as a script, in April Love-Fordham’s book “Dismantling Injustice.” We will come together with props and costumes, reading and acting it out together. The script will accommodate an impromptu cast of seven — and as many as want to be part of the harem. We will pause after each act to see what questions this ancient texts raises for us. Scripts, props, and simple costumes are provided.

12:00 am April Love-Fordham and Laura Moody
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