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Breaking Through The Wall of WTF?!

July 13, 20191:00 pm1:50 pm
Turmoil can knock you off your spiritual path. Losses. Disappointments. Coming out. Breaking up.

You’ve been there. You know what we’re talking about. We call it “Hitting The Wall Of WTF?!”

What you do at The Wall determines your future spiritual health. You can break through The Wall, increasingly finding joy and peace. You can also retreat to your old ways of thinking and being, starting the path all over again. And again.

Join School For Seekers’ Elane O’Rourke and Benton Stokes to learn the inevitable six steps of the spiritual journey, how the cycle of turmoil and triumph works, and what you can do when you hit The Wall Of WTF?!

12:00 am School For Seekers: Elane O’Rourke & Benton Stokes
12:00 am Benton Hall
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