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An Interview with Sara Cunningham – Founder of Free Mom Hugs

July 13, 20193:00 pm3:50 pm
Enjoy an interview with Sara Cunningham, the founder of Free Mom Hugs. Sara calls herself an accidental activist for LGBTQ kids, and their families. Sara admits she struggled with knowing how to respond to her youngest son’s coming out since they were in an evangelical church that was not inclusive or affirming. It took her a little while, but Sara finally broke through the fog and fully embraced Palmer’s sexual orientation. Since that moment, she has been on the front lines of LGBTQ advocacy.

Recently, her story caught the attention of Hollywood legend Jamie Lee Curtis who has bought the rights to do a movie based on Sara’s book How We Sleep at Night.

Sara is funny, thoughtful, and making a difference through her organization Free Mom Hugs. You will love meeting her.

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12:00 am Sara Cunningham
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