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An Interview with Randy Eddy-McCain, An Openly Gay Pastor in the South For Over 30 Years.

July 12, 20194:00 pm4:50 pm
Enjoy an interview with Randy Eddy-McCain. Randy serves as founding pastor of Open Door Community Church in Sherwood, Arkansas. He lives with his husband Gary and their son Bobby in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Hear Randy talk about his journey as a gay Pentecostal boy who always loved Jesus as he reconciled his faith with his sexual orientation and became a Pastor in the Bible Belt South. Randy is a true pioneer inspiring people like Tony and Peggy Campolo, Stan Mitchell, Ray Waters, and thousands more. His church affectionately called the ‘House of Hugs’ is a genuinely transforming community making a difference. Randy has much has to say, and you will fall in love with him.

12:00 am Ray Waters
12:00 am Randy Eddy-McCain
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