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Mystic Action Camp: A Pre-Festival Offering

By March 9, 2016March 30th, 2016Goose News

We are excited to announce Wild Goose’s Pre-Festival Mystic Action Camp from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on July 7th, preceding the opening ceremonies for the Festival itself. This pre-festival offering is brought to you by co-curators Adam Bucko, Holly Roach and Teresa B Pasquale and the generous sponsorship of the Center for Action and Contemplation. Mystic Action Camp will integrate dialogue and practices which intersect contemplative spirituality and activism brought by wisdom teachers from both Christian and interspiritual traditions.

Our world sits on the precipice of a new age of both spirituality and activism, one in which we are beginning to learn the essential interconnection between these two arenas of hope and healing to manifest activism that is grounded in the Divine and contemplative spirituality which is able to be activated in and for the goodness of God in the world. We are in a process of making and becoming a bigger tent of faith and action. We are the makers of the next iteration of tent revival in the world — a tent we carry with us, manifest in our lives and faith contexts, and where radical love and liberation are the root motivations, liberation for all of us, or none of us at all. Join us under this bigger tent to dream, pray, and live into this new tent of action and contemplation.

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