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Pre-Festival Event: A Much Bigger and Broader Bible

ID 476191

Thu 9:00am - 5:00pm

Venue: Workshop


A Much Bigger and Broader Bible Take a deep breath as we dive into a bigger and broader Bible. Join us for this all-day event with renowned biblical scholar Hal Taussig and guests Chebon Kernel and others, as we delve into a world beyond the confines of the traditional Bible. Take an intellectual journey that expands the biblical canon to include 150 fascinating ancient Jesus books discovered since the mid-1800s. We'll learn how these uncovered texts connect when placed in the twenty-first century's life, love, violence, trauma, gender-bendedness, queered, and open-mindedness. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the past and explore how they can enhance your understanding of the present. This promises to be an eye-opening, enlightening experience that will inspire you to see the Bible in a broader, more inclusive light. We look forward to embarking on this enlightening journey with you.