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Transformational Self-Authoring: The Power of Affirmations

ID 465593

Sat 10:00am - 10:50am

Venue: Convo Table 08


Type of Experience: Workshop

Content Type: Self-Authoring Workshop: Create Transformational Affirmations

Participants of this workshop will be invited to practice transformational self-authoring in one main area: affirmations. I understand affirmations in the light of wakeful or conscientious prayer. Prayer has an ancient history in every human tradition on the planet and is a foundational practice for our religiosities. In the secular world, prayer still functions by other names, through other therapeutic modalities, especially affirmations. Today, utilized by top performers in every industry on the planet, data confirms that affirmations work. Well formulated affirmations will express the highest visions of ourselves and with practice will begin to recalibrate and empower our self-perception and performance. In this workshop we'll self-author affirmations in three main categories of experience: mind, body, and relationships (biopsychosocial).