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Crafting Stories for Better Relationships

ID 465117

Fri 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Venue: Relating Arts


Type of Experience: Workshop

Content Type: Crafting Stories for Better Relationships

Wherever we go, there we are. We can't help but bring our internal stories with us into every relationship. Sometimes those stories help to connect, build, and heal relationships. At other times, our stories can separate and alienate us from others. How do we craft a better internal narrative? Stories that help us live into a richer life - and that create bridges to building connections with others, regardless of whether their story is similar to or very different from our own? During this workshop, you will: * Move into small groups to share a time in your life when a story you've held on to created a break in an important relationship. * Give and receive insights from those in your small group who have listened to each other's stories with curiosity, openness, and intention. * Be guided through a process to encourage you on your journey of building a new narrative using story prompts and questions that will help you see more clearly how your inner stories can change how you show up in your relationships.