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Toliver Rinehart

Toliver Rinehart is a certified executive coach who works with teams to authentically step into brave leadership. He is a human-focused, creative problem solver who facilitates courageous conversations. His coaching is centered primarily on embracing the power of vulnerability and courage to transform one's internal environment and develop clear, honest connections between diverse people in our modern workplace. Not only has the rigor of becoming a highly credentialed coach informed his coaching modality, but so has his own alignment journey. Toliver has spent years of deep, intentional courage work to buck societal norms that dictated how he was gendered from birth and step into his most authentic self. He leverages his first-hand experience of stepping into his truth to model and develop leadership skills essential to effective and inclusive teams and workplaces.

Sat 2:00pm - 2:50pm Manhood: The Great Deceit 2.0 Front Porch