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Lynna Nicholas

Nicholas profoundly believes that the Good News of the gospel is for every person, and perhaps, especially for people with disabilities whose need for the Kingdom is made more poignant in light of a culture that regularly marginalizes and disrespects them. Nicholas grew up able-bodied and churched. She ignored God for several decades, but found her physical and emotional struggles with an adult-onset disability, to lead her back to God in desperation for healing and help with her extreme depression. God chose not to heal her legs, but healed her spirit, mind and heart. God has replaced her self-loathing with self-love, and has replaced her social anxiety with a deep delight in people, their stories., and their spiritual journeys. Nicholas. believed that God still heals, although not always in the ways and the timing for which we wish. She has a passion for church transformation to see their impoverishment without full inclusion of people with disabilities.

Sat 10:00am - 10:50am People with Disabilities and New Life for the Church Convo Table 04