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Kristen Wheeler

I'm a modern iconographer, fine art painter, creative photographer, inspired writer, vivid storyteller, and world explorer. My soul is stirred by the colorful and dark creation around and within us and I am influenced by equal parts pain and joy. Studying theology and the saints are my passion and I love nothing more than sharing that passion with others by teaching, preaching, and leading creative-based workshops and retreats. I am a deeply spiritual individual and practicing Episcopalian, with friends and family of every spectrum of belief and non-belief. I believe that if you are a good person to yourself and others, the rest of the details are lagniappe (as we say in Louisiana). I believe my only job as a Christian person is to be the best example of Jesus' love I know how to be. I live and love in Southeast Louisiana with my husband, Basset Hound, overly affectionate kitty, and massive collection of house plants, all of which keep me of sound mind and body.

Fri 9:00am - 10:00am Praying With Icons Episcopal
Fri 9:00pm - 10:00pm Mary Magdalene: The Woman and the Cave - a spiritual and creative journey of the senses with the Apostle to the Apostles Relating Arts