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Kristy Gordon, founder of JoyDance LLC, invites others to experience God's love through movement. Her story begins in the garage of her childhood home. She shares, I spent hours in the garage playing my little boom box and dancing till I was a sweaty mess. I danced without rules, without expectations. It was there that I learned dancing connected me to something bigger than myself, healed my soul, and brought me pure joy. As an adult, Kristy began pursuing worldly success and external validation. Even after earning a Ph.D. in sociology and working in academia, she felt a dark emptiness within. I couldn't find that little girl from the garage inside. God mourned my withered spirit with me. Fortunately, my story did not end there. God picked me up and set me on a path to return to that feeling of freedom and joy. It was during this journey back to wholeness that JoyDance was born. Kristy is excited to say YES to God's call and continue sharing JoyDance with others.

Fri 1:00pm - 1:50pm JoyDance Yoga