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Joseph (Joe) Carson, PE

Joseph (Joe) Carson, PE, embodies the Spirit of the Goose. After 30 years of much suffering persecution for justice's sake (Matt 5:10), Joe has become: * The Greatest of All Time (GOAT) career federal agency whistleblower. * The beating heart of humanity's profession of engineering regarding its secular creed/DNA - the scope and implementation of its code of ethics. * The Drum Major of the two million member federal civil service regarding the implementation of its merit principles - the statutory bedrock for federal agency employment practices. * A prophet to Christianity regarding its near non-existent theology and praxis for professions as law, engineering, medicine, etc. Joe enjoys a flourishing life and expects to die a natural death - but Joe is not optimistic our imperiled civilization will avoid the great filter - large-scale collapse - in coming decades. Wild Goose - can our species aspire to having one trillion members over next 150K years?

Sat 12:00pm - 12:50pm Whistleblowing and War - American Revolution to Ukraine Convo Table 06