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Winners of numerous songwriting awards, Alathea weaves their own stories into music that's instantly relatable. Rooted in the Appalachian Mountains, Alathea performs original music, using eclectic instruments, modern harmonies and engaging storytelling. It's hard to say what can happen in a mile or a million. Some days, we load up, jump in the van and can't speak all the things we want to say fast enough. Sometimes, we're silent for 20 minutes before either of us notice. Sometimes we listen to music so we can get all the tears out. Other days, we make coffee stains on the upholstery from our laughing. This is our anti-plan for success, the road guaranteeing nothing but a chance at life itself. This is our journey, a modern adaptation of the OT Ruth and Naomi story, Where you go, I will go. Your people will be my people. Your God will be my God. We glean not wheat from the fields, but music... from our travels, our families and friendships, always finding just enough for the moment.

Sat 8:30am - 10:00am Waking the Goose with Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Alathea, and Ken Medema Living Room
Sat 3:00pm - 3:45pm Alathea [Music] Commons