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Matthew Hoh / Arriving at Socialism from a Christian Upbringing

Fri 5:00pm - 5:50pm

Venue: Library


Type of Experience: Speaking

I spiritually came of age in a fairly conservative Lutheran church. That upbringing however has always been the foundation as I journeyed Left in life. From studying Leo Tolstoy and Cornell West in college to going to war with the Marine Corps, and publicly turning against the wars, I continually return to those teenage years in a pew in a small church in Glen Gardner, NJ as the formative experience that has led me to truth-telling, activism and politics.
Please join me as I discuss the importance of returning to the fundamental truths of our youth, especially when we find ourselves in moments of spiritual and moral crossroads as adults.
I will speak to the failings of doing so in my life, the moral injury of war, that led me to suicidal ideation, as well as to the times I have been more successful in aligning my actions with my moral and spiritual values. Finally, how can our spiritual and religious upbringing affect how we as individuals interact with the needs of our loved ones, neighbors and society.