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The Search for Purpose The Journey continues. Come and explore.

Fri 12:00pm - 12:50pm

Venue: Convo Table 09


Type of Experience: Conversation

The Search for Purpose
The Journey continues. Come and explore.

Living Room Conversations are small group discussions on topics ranging from our societal problems to our highest ideals for our families, communities and country - concerns that fire up our passions, and impact our lives, and our world. These conversations bring us together in meaningful dialogue that helps to bridge our divides while promoting understanding and greater connection.

This years topic selection at the Convo Hall tables:

Faith in Politics - Tolerance - Restorative Justice - Forgiveness - Race and Faith Communities - Spiritual but not Religious - Peace-building in the US - Women, Leadership and Power - The Search for Purpose - and - Listening Courageously

Each table will have one of these topics posted and participants will select a volunteer moderator to insure everyone gets to speak without interruption. Topic guides are provided on each table to help stimulate the conversation.

Deep listening and passionate, free expression is encouraged so we can better understand the many views we humans carry. We will come to see how and why our fellow participants have acquired their views, through the process of listening. You may choose to adjust your views after hearing others perspectives.