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Open Studio: Community Art Build

Fri 10:00am - 12:00pm

Venue: Studio


Join us in the Studio Tent for unstructured time to create and contribute to our Community Art Build. As we bring ourselves together in this new place, we know that we are emerging from untold stories, complex realities and life changing experiences. Some of us have changed jobs, changed locations, changed life stories and expectations. Some of us are recovering from considerable loss and others from considerable transformations. We are grieving, lamenting, searching, loving, reframing and reshaping our lives. We've never needed one another more. And our imaginations are thirsty for collaboration, creativity and space to dream. This year at Wild Goose we will be collaborating on multiple community art projects. So bring your found objects, your bits of string and yarn, your weird shaped containers, your cardboard rolls, your bubble wrap, paints, brushes and colorful fragments. We will transform them into community art builds and communal murals that hold all of our stories - from the beautifully broken to the mundane.