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Linda McFadden / i found god in myself and i loved her . . . fiercely

Sat 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Venue: Convo Table 07


Type of Experience: Presentation

Content Type: The Divine Feminine

i found god in myself and I loved her i loved her fiercely The author of these lines, poet Ntozake Shange, bears witness to the paradox that the dance of masculine and feminine energies that spins the universe--a.k.a. “the Holy” or “God”--thrives within the human heart. For millennia now, the Father God/Allah proclaimed by our Western spiritual traditions has denigrated the feminine and empowered hierarchies that have legitimized violence and enslavement. Abiding fidelity to an image of the Holy as a singularly masculine entity, high and lifted up, blinds us to the intricate beauty of the dance of sacred energies in which we live and move and have our being. Opening ourselves to a deeper perception of the sacred needs much more than a pronoun transplant—like simply changing “He” to “She/Them.” In this Experience I hope to facilitate conversations exploring such questions as: * Why we are so hung up on the idea that “God” is male, despite the detrimental effects of this one-sided paradigm? * What do we mean by the Divine Feminine, anyhow? * How do the feminine and masculine elements of the Holy express themselves in humans? * How will the synergy of masculine and feminine be expressed in the archetypes of the Aquarian Age?