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Joshua Durst / The Giving Side of Grace - A Father’s Journey Through Grief

Sat 5:00pm - 5:50pm

Venue: Convo Table 06


Type of Experience: Speaking

Content Type: Grief, Gratitude, and Grace

Soon after losing his eighteen year old son, Michael, in a tragic vehicle accident, Joshua Durst knew that he would have to make a decision about how to live life moving forward. In the early darkest days after the accident, it was hard to imagine life could be good again. But then, one quiet moment at time, light began slipping back at the intersection of loss and goodness. In this meditation, Joshua shares the experience of creating a beautiful legacy for Michael’s life through humble faithfulness, generous grace giving, and unbounded hope. This is a story of the deepest depths of grief, the power of soulful gratitude, and the journey of moving forward on the giving side of grace.