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Second Breath / Micro-Sabbath: Refilling Our Tanks 1 Minute at a Time

Sat 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: Convo Table 08


Type of Experience: Meditation

Content Type: Practicing Sabbath in 2022

In this interactive workshop, participants will be given a framework for understanding the heart and the Biblical history of Sabbath, as well as a tool box of micro-Sabbath practices that invite you to step off the hamster wheel, turn off auto-pilot, and create space to reconnect with God and refill your tank. Instead of thinking of Sabbath only as one day a week, we'll explore how each and every minute of the day offers you an opportunity to grow in the awareness that you are immersed in Divine love and presence. Through micro-sabbath practices, you'll be reminded that you are not serving out of your own strength alone, but co-creating a transformed world with the very present power of God moving with and within. This workshop will encourage participants to create space for real refreshment and motivate them to reconsider how they may deepen their experience of God’s love.