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Jenn Tabor / Imagine Ukuleles

Sat 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: Convo Table 03


Type of Experience: Conversation

Content Type: Worship with a ukulele band

Do you need a fun addition to your worship service? Are you looking for something beyond the usual guitar and keyboard? How about a ukulele band? They have a fun sound and are easy to learn, which makes them a great instrument to add to your service. 6 years ago Jenn Tabor started a ukulele band to lead worship at her church's beach service. The band has become a staple for that service, and has played many other venues from Christmas caroling to funerals. Come talk about how to start your own ukulele band, including how to get people involved, how/when to practice and sharing of music resources. Bring your uke and we'll have a jam session as well.