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Micky ScottBey Jones/ Enneagram for the People: A Workshop for Wisdom & Empathy

Sat 12:00pm - 12:50pm

Venue: Library


Type of Experience: Workshop

Content Type: Interactive, presentation, discussion, self-discovery

Enneagram is becoming a very popular tool for understanding oneself and others but it can often get reduced to a personality test or memes on IG. When we use this sacred geometry symbol to understand basic human motivations & the deep sacred essences that are deep inside, it becomes a tool of personal and social transformation and wisdom. Learning more about this tool can help people cultivate more resilience, peace and resources which can lead to powerful self-compassion, commitment for changemaking and deeper empathy towards others. Our time will be shaped by who shows up - covering basics and advanced questions that arise and be a great way to start or deepen your enneagram journey. No preparation or previous knowledge of the enneagram is necessary. Beginners, skeptics, those tired of hearing, “what’s your enneagram number?” are welcome - this is Enneagram for the people - all the people! For a taste of Micky’s passion for more accessible, justice-oriented Enneagram teaching, check out this Sojourners article: The Enneagram Is Not Just for White People: Decolonizing the Enneagram with Micky ScottBey Jones a conversation between David Potter & Micky ScottBey Jones.