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Joining God in the Neighborhood - PTS

Sat 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: Make Believe


Type of Experience: Conversation

Feeling worn out by the constant violence and tragedy in the news? Feeling pressure to excel in the workplace and maintain life as usual in our home lives despite being utterly exhausted and disconnected? Wondering how the church can be faithful when greed and power are prioritized over offering and receiving hospitality with our neighbors? Trusting that the Holy Spirit is active in our midst, we hope to explore practices that can help us stay grounded and attentive so that we might discern the movement of God in our local communities. We seek to develop shared practices that not only sustain us as individuals, but practices that cultivate communities of welcome, mutual support, and resistance. This work can only be done in community and so we invite you to come join us for a conversation. Let us workshop together how we might witness to and practice joining in the mission of God in our neighborhoods.