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Our Selah: a worshipful and supportive, safe space for clergy to connect and refresh

Sat 10:00am - 10:50am

Venue: Make Believe


Type of Experience: Worship

Our Selah, a 1001 New Worshiping Community of the PCUSA, provides worshipful connection for clergy in need of rest, in need of a breath, in a twice monthly Zoom group. We offer a safe place to worship, be heard, validated, open and honest about our faith and our doubts, and commune with colleagues authentically. “Selah” is a Hebrew word; the meaning is not known exactly, but it is thought to signal the reader to take a breath or rest, to pause—something clergy sorely need. The possessive pronoun “Our” emphasizes the priority on connecting. For Whom: If you are on the frontlines of pastoral care, we welcome you -- priest, pastor, chaplain, commissioned pastor, minister, seminarian interns. We especially invite those of you who are losing or have lost hope, those of you who feel you are in darkness and alone. Invitation: Come, receive words and songs of worship that resonate with your heavy and weary heart. Come, release your burdens, express your doubts, and connect with peers in a safe, judgment free environment. Come, take a Holy breath. Rest together with us.