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Todd / You are (so much more than) what you repeatedly do

Fri 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Venue: Oasis


Type of Experience: Speaking

Content Type: Making sense of our personality

Imagine a simple and compassionate view of your “personality” that easily and logically explains how you got to be, well, this… and why it’s so hard to not be. In 50 energetic and colorful minutes, I want to show you the source of our “bad” habits and behaviors, our critical inner voices, our indecisiveness, even our depression. It’s a view that illuminates our disconnection from our joy, why our crash diets and New Years Resolutions don’t work, and how our self-improvement culture is trapping us in identities of lack and deficiency. And, as an added bonus—and only because you bought a ticket—I’ll show you how to undo it all. Because this view also illuminates the path back to wholeness.