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Victor Udoewa / Introduction to Social Justice: Towards a Systems Practice

Fri 5:00pm - 5:50pm

Venue: Workshop


Type of Experience: Workshop

Content Type: intro: social justice / systems practice

What exactly is social justice and how should we define it? Are there things that seem like they are social justice work but are actually missing the mark, leaving the situation unchanged, making things worse, or only temporarily “solving” the problem? If you are a person that understands why social justice is important, but wants to learn more about the how, come to this session for a brief introduction. We will define social justice and define what it is not by differentiating it from similar concepts. We will then look at several examples of possible social actions to understand whether or not they bring about social justice or only seem to do so. If we have enough time, we may then move on to the beginning of a follow-up session: learning how to use systems practice to improve the health of a social system.