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Valerie Lucille / Parenting our Pain: Giving Shadow a Seat at the Table

Fri 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Venue: Convo Table 10


Type of Experience: Workshop

Content Type: Educational, interactive, integrative healing practice.

Most of us here at Wild Goose dream of what radical inclusion can look like. But what if radical inclusion of self is core in our contribution to this holy dream? We work for a seat at the table for everyone, yet we internally exclude and reject wounded and difficult aspects of our own self—the shadow. The sacred pursuit of internal inclusion, known as “shadow work,” emphasizes wholeness and entails uncovering and integrating unseen and unwelcome pieces of ourselves. This is often a painful journey. “Parenting our Pain” is an interactive, integrative time of healing through the practice of internal inclusion. In this session, Valerie and Debra Lynn bring both personal experience and professional expertise to teach and hold space for healing. As fellow travelers, they take a seat at the table we each embody, invite the [un]welcome to pull up a chair, and bid us to do the same. “I’d rather be whole than good.” –Carl Jung