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Tonyah Dee / Christ-centered Devotional Chant, Meditation and Prayer - Feed Body, Soul and Spirit

Fri 10:00am - 10:50am

Venue: Healing Arts


Type of Experience: Meditation

Content Type: Christ-centered Chant, Meditation and Prayer

Imagine a practice that takes you into the current of faith. A heart centered experience where the spark of divine light in and through all begins to merge with the Light of the LORD. You start out by becoming still, slowly and consciously taking in the breath of life. As you begin to sing 5-min Christ-centered devotional chants, the sound current penetrates into every cell, and harmony in your body expands. It’s time to close your eyes while you listen to a guided meditation that takes you inward to your heart and soul, exploring your mind, emotions and will. The goal is to surrender it all to God, settling into Spirit and Truth. You end in a guided prayer, prompting you to become thankful, to admit struggles, to forgive, to ask, and to receive. You arrive at the secret place of The LORD. Your heart is cleansed and purified, your soul is surrendered to His Higher Power. You are connected to the Light, Life and Love of Christ and you are lighter, more peaceful and liberated from darkness. Go in Grace and with Grace.