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Thomas Orjala / Wild Goose Greet & Meet

Venue: Other


Type of Experience: Experiential

Content Type: Meet and Greet new friends!

Wild Goose Greet and Meet This year at Wild Goose we have a fun new feature. We are providing a canopy/shady area with pairs of chairs facing each other. The Greet and Meet sign will invite you to sit in a chair if you would like to meet another person. Someone will join you shortly and you can share your names, where you are from and a bit about what drew you to Wild Goose. Then the rest of the festival you will see familiar faces that you now know, even if just a little. If you ever find yourself feeling a bit lonely in the crowd, just come by and start creating new friendships. We look forward to hearing stories of long lasting friendships that started with a short pause to meet other attendees.